OuT tHe LaB: FraNkS & StEiNs..

"I don't want to make your fanciest.  I want to make your favorite.."                                                                                                                             (the) Lisa Inez.
Bernadette Anderson Cooper-Munroe..
Gabby And Michelle's Best Day Ever..
The Windy Time..
When Siegfried Stole The Show..
The Unfortunate Stylings..
Beady Busts A Move..
P.F. (Chang)..
Benny T. Goes Airborne..
Blue Cat And The Scribble Clouds..
O'Reilly And Flint..
Hermie And The No Good..
Evritt And The Escaped Plaid Balloon
Caruthers & Fritz #badidea..
Wendell & The Big Wind..
Patty's Best Effort..
Patrick Michael..
Henry & John Go To The Parade..
Joshy Just Holds On..
Little P & His Baguette Board..
Ginger Chu & The (t)oo-long String..
Edward And His Plaid Balloon
Bit piecery designed for treasure hunting and magic making and merry good foolery and every day from rescued, salvaged, thrifted, landfill-bound to one off pieces of color and whimsy brought to life..  

Small note: NOT every garment that has been stitched up is pictured.  To see what's new, catch us on the road for a live and in-person visit!

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The poncho cape..
Did you know..
The Long & The Short of It..
Road trip ready and..
Newly Stitched From Oldy Shirts..
possibles bag (Noun):

copyright 2012 by (the) Lisa Inez

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Did you know..

..every Frankenflannel has a secret lucky penny patch stitched in?.. Okay, some also have a secret patch emergency parking quarter or restroom token as well because parking and restrooms, of course! But the lucky penny? That's all love and the Universe having your back just in case..