OuT tHe LaB: FraNkS & StEiNs..

"I don't want to make your fanciest.  I want to make your favorite.."                                                                                                                             (the) Lisa Inez.
Bernadette Anderson Cooper-Munroe..
Gabby And Michelle's Best Day Ever..
The Windy Time..
When Siegfried Stole The Show..
The Unfortunate Stylings..
Beady Busts A Move..
P.F. (Chang)..
Benny T. Goes Airborne..
Blue Cat And The Scribble Clouds..
O'Reilly And Flint..
Hermie And The No Good..
Evritt And The Escaped Plaid Balloon
Caruthers & Fritz #badidea..
Wendell & The Big Wind..
Patty's Best Effort..
Patrick Michael..
Henry & John Go To The Parade..
Joshy Just Holds On..
Little P & His Baguette Board..
Ginger Chu & The (t)oo-long String..
Edward And His Plaid Balloon
Bit piecery designed for treasure hunting and magic making and merry good foolery and every day from rescued, salvaged, thrifted, landfill-bound to one off pieces of color and whimsy brought to life..  

Small note: NOT every garment that has been stitched up is pictured.  To see what's new, catch us on the road for a live and in-person visit!

(Psst.. To have any bit of the slideshow or the carousel pop open, just click on the photo.)

The poncho cape..
Did you know..
The Long & The Short of It..
Road trip ready and..
Newly Stitched From Oldy Shirts..
possibles bag (Noun):

copyright 2012 by (the) Lisa Inez

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