Character Pieces & Frankenflannels

"I don't want to make your fanciest.  I want to make your favorite.."                                                                                                                             (the) Lisa Inez.
Butters and Fletch
Bernadette Anderson Cooper-Munroe..
Gabby And Michelle's Best Day Ever..
The Windy Time..
When Siegfried Stole The Show..
The Unfortunate Stylings..
Beady Busts A Move..
P.F. (Chang)..
Benny T. Goes Airborne..
Blue Cat And The Scribble Clouds..
O'Reilly And Flint..
Hermie And The No Good..
Evritt And The Escaped Plaid Balloon
Caruthers & Fritz #badidea..
Wendell & The Big Wind..
Patty's Best Effort..
Patrick Michael..
Henry & John Go To The Parade..
Joshy Just Holds On..
Little P & His Baguette Board..
Ginger Chu & The (t)oo-long String..
Edward And His Plaid Balloon
All stitched up from treasure-hunted, rescued, salvaged, curated and thrifted, each piece is a one off.
Funny characters are original (the) Lisa Inez designs mostly for making you smile.
Adoptable pieces can be found in the shoppe.
Love And Death In A Petri Dish
Marshall And The Two Blue
Bessy Makes Her Escape
Grumpy Frog And The Scribble Cloud
Mags And The Small Fat Bird.
Ethan And The Big Air
Azee Has Hope
Frank Is About To Have A Close Encounter
Chinese Red Lantern
Three Wishes
Return Of The Pigeons
The Sheep Have Their Suspicions
Bad Attitude Bun And The Scribble Cloud
Grumpy Frog And The Scribble Cloud Surprise
Marshall's Heartstrings
Think Well
Three Wishes
Marshall And The Great Blue Yonder
Ball Pit Mice
Porcine's Red Lantern
Chinese New Year Lion Dance
The Fish Were Duly Impressed
"Light Up The Darkness"
The Long & The Short of It..
Newly Stitched From Oldy Shirts..