As a fulltime artist facing a calendar of cancellations, it's been humbling and heartbreaking time, but also a time full of hope.

It's been requested that I add a listing that allows a donation to help keep my little place of artful goodness uplifted during these times.

This is awkward for me, so my apologies for the delay in listing.

I have already been the recipient of so much kindness, I would never have imagined. 

If you've shared my social media, sent inquiries and inspirations and orders and adoptions, thank you. 

If you've read this far, especially thank you for caring enough to.

If you're struggling, please consider just sending a note to say hullooo.  I promise to write back.

If you plan to give, I hope once we are all back out and about, you'll stop by my little place so I can thank you in person. 

Be safe and well, everybody.

All good things ahead.

Thank you.

Lisa Inez.



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