It's a mystery surprise!!! 

From the safe storage of Frankenflannel laboratory vaults..

This is a listing for a mystery surprise piece made up of all reclaimed cotton materials, spliced and seamed and raw-edged.  Might be a classic Frankenflannel, a character piece, tropical Frank, spliced halves, mixed up and made to last media..

You:  Pick a size. Complete checkout.

I:  Randomly pull a Frank from the safe storage of crazy, wrap it up and send it on its way to you. 

You:  Wait to see which Frank shows up at your place.

I:  Wait, too, and hope you'll love it!

Please choose FLAT RATE $6 priority mail shipping with tracking at checkout and I'll cover the rest of the shipping fees.

Thanks for stopping (virtually) in!


iT's a MySteRy SuRpRisE!!!..

  • Because materials are reclaimed, variations or "imperfections" and raw edges are intentional and part of the artistic character of each piece while not challenging sturctural integrity.

    Please allow for small color differences due to device viewership.

copyright 2012 by (the) Lisa Inez

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