In this time of pandemic shutdowns and stay-homes, even Halloween isn't the same!

No worries!  You've got a friend!

Meet Mary Elizabeth.  She's an original (the) Lisa Inez skelly charmling small enough to sit at your lap top with a personality big enough to make you smile.  Each character is just about an inch small (sans bail) with dangly legs and a gently poseable head so she can keep watch this way and that.

Each cutie comes with her own name (of course, you're welcome to rename your buddy when she arrives).

Mixed media, lead and nickel free, either mostly brassy or mostly steely, but metals are mixed so often some of each.

Please pick $4 first class USPS shippng at checkout or $7.50 smallerish parcel if you'd like USPS priority mail shipping with tracking.

Thanks for (virtually) stopping in from Mary Elizabeth, her friends and me!

LiTtLe sKeLLy chARmLiNg FriEnD..


    copyright 2012 by (the) Lisa Inez

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