These are actually classic pieces from earlier maker days that, being in the midst of Stay-Home, I rediscovered and thought to share.

Made up of three separate pieces from three separate treasure hunts, the cool guy is an Italian Millefiore glass, the rocket ship is a vintage ceramic (I think) and the bottom is actually a vintage Japanese glass bead I thought to set as a motor (maybe Toyota?). (Note: as the Italian glass is handformed, please allow for differences in faces which are on two sides of the head.)

Anyone who's visited my little place all popped-up live knows how much I love assembling pieces and bits (I call it bit-piecery) to make up something new.

Just 1 x 1 inch.

On a 20 inch solid brass chain.

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Thanks for letting us fly by.  Hope we've made you smile!

RockEt mAn..